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Thyroid & Throat Care

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Thyroid Nodules

Not all nodules need treatment.  We offer In-office ultrasound evaluation and biopsy of thyroid nodules, along with genetic testing.  We offer comprehensive surgical options, if needed. 



Our partners also offer a state-of-the-art radiofrequency ablation procedure in the office for treatment of non-cancerous, bothersome nodules. 

What to Expect with FNA

Fine Needle Aspiration for evaluation of thyroid nodules is a simple office procedure. We use an ultrasound to locate the nodule and to make sure we are sampling the correct areas.

The skin is numbed with lidocaine. Several small needles are used to sample cells from the nodule of concern. 

These cell samples are then sent to be examined under a microscope. If needed, genetic testing will be done.

Results are usually available in a week. This can help us decide the right treatment for you.

Image by Misael Moreno
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