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Pediatric ENT

When you decide to put your health in the hands of Texas ENT, it immediately becomes the number one priority. From simple to complex issues, each patient is treated with care and attention to guarantee the best results.

We love our littlest patients! You might know that many ENT problems can run in the family. We have many families in our practice where we see everyone-- from grandparents on down to teens and newborns.

As parents ourselves, we know that kids need special care.  Many times, with ENT issues, the earlier we can solve a child's issues, the better.  Untreated nasal obstruction, snoring, sleep issues, and allergies can lead to bigger issues down the road.

We treat

  • Tongue tie

  • Snoring & sleep breathing issues

  • Weak or abnormal crying

  • Feeding difficulties

  • A runny or stuffy nose lasting more than 10 days

  • Persistent cough

  • Recurring ear infections and ear drainage

  • Headaches, swelling and tenderness around the eyes

  • Complaints of post nasal drip or sore throat

  • Recurrent tonsillitis

  • Allergies

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